Monday, June 1, 2015

What's Working

One week down. How are those goals working out? I find you can tell pretty quickly when you have bitten off more than you can chew! 

Daily responsibilities: This is going about 50/50. I can't seem to get everything done everyday. There is no actual reason for this. I would just rather look at my phone or watch TV to be honest. I need to be more consistent!

Rehab the ankle: This is going well. I am wrapping it consistently still. (Especially if I am actually doing a workout or wearing inappropriate shoes Hehehehehe). But, when it's not wrapped, like in the evening or at the pool, it's doing much better. I did try to play a modified volleyball game in the pool with Eric & Everett and some other kiddos and realized that the little hopping motion to get the ball was NOT working. So, progress, but more work to do.

Yoga or NOT sitting around watching Netflix all day!: 100%!! I'm doing yoga everyday. I am still doing the 20-30 minute workouts and my ankle is complaining about several of the poses. Too bad, ankle!

 I'm still finding more and more to support why MEAT is better than RICE (click here if, like me, you never heard of  MEAT before!!) The video above is what helped me get on the right track initially. If you or someone you love is struggling with an unstable ankle there is some really good, new information out there! 

Bible Reading: 100% Yea! I am loving this particular plan. Yes, I could do MORE in a day but I find that this is an amount that I look forward to, I can process this much while still enjoying it AND I'm not jumping around the bible. That has just always annoyed me, even in bible studies. I like to read with context.

Not being a lazy bum: 70% I did finish both Scandal & Mad Men (finally it ended!!!). I deleted several shows off the DVR (Eric was VERY happy). I am still up in the air about Elementary. I LOVE the two main characters but the new girl, she's just ruining it for me. I am caught up to about January of this season, but, I'm just not feeling it. It is in danger of the delete button!!

If my chores were slacking this week, at least THIS happened!!

Ta-Da! We ALL felt better having the living room back to normal! I got 90% of the school stuff filed and sorted so it will be usable next year. I still have a pile that I need to do a bit more research on. That can wait and be done a little bit at a time. 

NOW: Two new goals!

ONE: Get healthy

I get my blood work done annually. I just always have since diabetes is pretty strong in my family and a simple blood test can tell you if you need to be more vigilant. (So far I have never had a concern). However, for the last 2 years, my Vitamin D has been low. The first year it was super low and I actually took 2 of these pills (10,000 IU) everyday to bring it up to the rock bottom of the normal range. Once I was tip toeing into normal, I backed off to alternating one pill and two pills every other day. This brought me to smack dab in the middle of normal this year. Yipee!

**A word of caution. You should NOT run out and supplement Vitamin D without a blood test to tell you if you are low. Vitamin D is fat soluble. This means your body will NOT just dump the extra it doesn't need like it will with water soluble vitamins. Overdosing on fat soluble vitamins can be just as bad for you as being low, or worse. You should never supplement fat soluble vitamins without knowing you are low AND monitoring how the supplement is effecting you.

Now, the bad news. My CRP (measure of inflammation in my body) was elevated. *sigh*. Chronic inflammation in the body is not a good thing! It kind of just breaks you down from the inside. There are many factors that can elevate this test: stress, infection, injury or poor diet. Yes, I'd like to blow this off as my ankle or the end of the school year (May and December majorly stress me out!) but, honestly, I have to face the facts. 

My research turned up just what I was afraid of: 

Dr. Weil recommends an anti-inflammatory diet that includes two to three servings of fish such as salmon or sardines per week. If you don't eat fish, he suggests taking fish oil supplements. He also recommends taking anti-inflammatory herbs including ginger and turmeric and following your doctor's recommendations for heart health - quit smoking, watch your diet (particularly avoid foods that predominantly consist of flour and/or sugar), and get regular exercise. 

This does not sound fun. I'm not happy about this. Well, at least I don't have to give up smoking. I'm doing ONE thing right hahahahaha. 

TWO: Put the phone down

As promised, I have been keeping my mission statement in mind. 

My favorite blogger, Shay, put forward this challenge for herself for the month of June:
 No social media/phone time from 4 to 8pm
and I knew right away that I had to get on board with that. Eric is gonna LOVE this one! He is the social media Nazi at our house. 

Well, I have really set myself up for some tough challenges going forward, but, I know in my heart that they will bring me the peace I want. Off to HEB, gonna have to stock up on some Barlean's again I guess. 

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