Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Roundup- The Little Mermaid Edition

Welcome to The Little Mermaid edition of the Weekend Roundup. 

It was a fun and hectic weekend for all of us but we just could NOT be more proud of Evie. She amazed all of us with her performance, her confidence, and her commitment! I am truly in awe of my little girl.

Friday morning Evie woke up feeling happy with the previous day's daycare performance but was SUPER excited to perform it for the general public. It was the final day of camp and she was ready for notes and final rehearsal.

I knew it was going to be a long weekend for Everett so I made a plan to take him and his friend to Houston Party Playland. I told him he would have to have socks to play and he came to the van wearing this:

Those two played long and hard. We were there almost 4 hours. I got EVERYTHING in my 'to do' bag completed! Yipee! 

I barely caught a few pics when they stopped for water breaks.

Once most of the little kids left, they began encroaching on the designated small child areas.

When I went to pick up Evie from her final camp day, people just clumped up hugging and wanting pictures. It was so sweet!

After an early dinner, Eric & Evie took off to get ready for opening night while Everett and I went to feed Mo. 

Eric sent me these backstage pics just before we left for the performance.

Finally in my seat and SO ready for show #1. Evie never lets me see any of her practices, dress rehearsals or run-throughs. She always wants me to see it for the first time when she does it for real. Eric is not subjected to these limitations!

When Evie first told me her character was a puppet, I thought we would never see her face on stage. She said that was only true for part of the play. That when all the characters were underwater, she would be visible. I still didn't really get it until I saw the show.

This is MY baby singing dancing and performing with a puppet on stage live. Can you FEEL the pride in my voice?!?!

She had figured out that the package that arrived a few days earlier was for her. She's too smart for me! But, she didn't know it would be this Flounder. She loved it! Her sweet friend also brought her flowers. Biggest grin! That girl is so happy! Performing is her thing.

Saturday my family came to see show #2 and I got to watch it again! 

She was so thrilled that many of her friends got to come see her in the show. It becomes such a big part of her life from tryout to performance.

Everett was feeling a bit done with the show so, after making a quick Chick-Fil-A dinner run for Evie & Everett, I took him home for the evening to give him a break.  

I told this girl to break a fin on performance #3! I thought she looked a little tired as I left but Eric said show #3 was one of the best ones and afterward they went out with several of the cast and crew for a late dinner. I guess she re-energized.

Sunday morning she didn't wake up until almost 9 so I stayed home from church with her. I asked her what she'd like to do to give her mind a break from the show and she chose scrabble! I had some coffee and she had some rice chex (no milk).

Time for the final performance! Show #4. I went up to see where they needed help for the final show and ended up selling tickets. It was exciting to see the line going out the door. It was our biggest crowd!

Here is what Eric has spent likely over 60 hours doing this week. Running lights and helping with all things tech for the performance. I thank him very much for taking on all the required volunteer hours the parents were committed to. (Plus many more!!)

Everett has not complained at all about the time he has spent at the venue. Playing his phone and eating goldfish have sustained him along with the occasional concession stand treat.

Last performance done! Evie has really truly enjoyed every aspect of performing. The actors always sign autographs for the kids and this took longer than usual with all the little kids at the performances.

Evie got some nice gifts from people who came to the show. It was so sweet of everyone.

Cast party! Last night was the last hurrah. They rented out a neighborhood pool and had a 3 hour swim party. Evie rescued Flounder from the cake. 

Poor Evie, back to real life. But, she will always be our star! She's still deciding what to do next but first she plans to enjoy the rest of her summer. Starting NOW!