Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday! 

Time for another Weekend Roundup. So, let's get to it! 

Friday morning, it was once again time to drop Evie off at all day rehearsal. I miss her but she just LOVES it! One more week like this. What a week it's going to be too- it's production week!

June 26th at 7:00 pm
June 27 at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm
June 28 at 3:00 pm
C.A. Nelson Auditorium
2337 N. Galveston Avenue
Pearland, TX 77584
Tickets: $8 Child (3-18), $10 Seniors (65+), $14 Adult

That meant it was just me and Everett for 'Delicious Day'! 

I love that although they are getting to be big kids, some of our preschool traditions sneak back in during the summer and school breaks. It makes them even more special.

Everett is thrifty like me and brings his own milk from home to save money. He likes to use my Starbucks travel coffee mug for his milk.

Just before we went to the donut shop, Eric texted to say he was already on his way back home from work due to a headache/migraine. Can you say VBS hangover? Poor Eric, we picked him up a little deliciousness for when he felt better and tucked him in to rest. 

Time to meet up with friends at the Rec Center Natatorium. This was supposed to be a beach day but the weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate, so, change of plans.  

They had so much fun. They always do.

After several hours in the pool we headed home to rest, pick up Evie, and have dinner. Then....

back to the Natatorium. Our day pass allows you to use the whole building all day and it turned our Evie wanted to swim too! Eric was off to Guys Game Night so we practiced diving, jumped from the boards (Evie tried diving from the boards too!) and played around for a few more hours. 

Saturday = room cleaning day. Eric and I usually tackle some projects too. Today, Eric called the kids to help him with smashing a hard drive. 

While cleaning up, we noticed Everett's bookcase doors weren't closing well so I called in Eric and he fixed them right up. Everett said during the clean up process he was ready to take down the 'babyish' decals I had put up when he was a baby & toddler. WHAT??? 

(sniff, sniff) My little boy is growing up. 

Relaxing after fixing the cabinet doors.

Lunch break. I'd like to note here that Evie's room STILL is not done at this point. She always decides to completely rearrange her room instead of just picking up. She also sometimes reads. 

Everett is finished but I 'helped' him. By which I mean, stood there and kept him on task. It goes something like this: 'No, no....first just pick up ALL the clothes. We can put 'weapons' in their box in a minute....Focus!' 

Finally, Evie's room is done. It is 2pm folks, TWO PM!
Now we head off to a new library to collect some more reading program prizes. Children's Museum and Circus tickets? SCORE!

This is such an odd library. The number of computer stations seemed excessive for the amount of books they actually had. It was strange. This is the closest location to us of the Houston Public Library. We had visited the downtown location a few weeks ago and had books to return as well as prizes to pick up. 


I can't get this picture to behave. It just refuses to flip, but, these are the cards the kids made for Eric.

After church we had some lunch before heading out to the movies. One of Eric's gifts was super could have gone SO wrong, but it was oh so right. These actually just tasted like yummy BBQ chips but I guess this name sells more of sucked me in.

After the movie we found out we had friends in the same theater! Everett and Noah really got a kick out of seeing each other unexpectedly. Great minds think alike!

And's dinnertime! (You have to say this in Yzma's voice from The Emperor's New Groove)

Eric loves making homemade pizza and we love for him to do it too! But, he is ever in search of the perfect crust. So, I got him this pan. I heard about it on Jen Hatmaker's blog. (It's not an affiliate link for me, I just copied the link from Jen's blog. It might be for her. not sure). 

Here is the first ever pizza fresh out of the oven!

With some fresh basil and oregano? Yes, please!

 The verdict is in.....

it tastes GREAT!

We look forward to many more pizzas! 

Eric had to go work on The Little Mermaid show setup so the rest of us sat down for an episode of Brain Games. Have you seen this? My friend Laura suggested it to me ages ago but we just finally watched it this weekend. Evie LOVES how they can fool you. The first season is on Netflix but is only 3 episodes! Not sure what we are going to do after that since we don't have cable. They are currently on season 4.

That's what we did the weekend. 

This time next week The Little Mermaid performances will only be a memory and I will have one very sad girl on my hands. She always has major show sadness when it's over. But, for now, I'm going to enjoy all the excitement! 

Time to get started on another week!

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