Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friday Favorites...On A Saturday

Today I'm a day late linking up with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites. The reason is that Everett and I got sick! We both came down with Strep. I ended up having to check him out of school on the VERY LAST DAY! I thought it was sinus, but the test came back positive. 

We did the only thing you can, we had ice cream and rested. Mint chocolate chip and Magic Shell make everything better, right?

But, here are some moments from this week that were WAY better!

Everett finished up his soccer season

Grandpa George & Granny came to nearly every game. It was a fun & muddy season and we all enjoyed it!

We went to see our niece get baptized last Sunday. Both Eric's siblings and his dad go to the same church while we attend Sagemont. So, we occasionally visit for special occasions.

During the service Evie drew the bird off my dress. Before she was finished I had guessed it was a banana in an elf hat. 

Then we decided that we were SO close to Tookie's (one of our FAVORITE restaurants), we really just ought to go. YUMMMM!! While we were there we tried to get a shot of Everett and his Granny's eyes. She's the only other one with green eyes in the family.

This is my view from the driver's seat lately. Evie has moved on up to the front seat. I love this beauty! Definately a favorite!

Eric works on cars. He is very good at it and he keeps us all on the road safely. Here he is making a repair this week on Kacie's car. I am so proud of the way he takes care of us this way.

Evie and her friend created a skit for the talent show. It was performing to the song "Hard Knock Life" from Annie. It was super cute and we were SO proud of them! It felt like such a journey from conception, to practice, to tryouts, to finding out they made it, to FINALLY performing it for the school and their friends & family. Great job Evie!!

The stars!!

This was the best shot of my family. Kacie's eyes are closed and my dad and Everett-- who said goofy faces?? Hahahaha. Oh well. 

Everett had his awards and party in his classroom on Wednesday (thank goodness because he never would have made it through if it had been the last day!). He is very excited to be going on to 3rd grade!

(This time we DID say goofy faces).

Evie's awards ceremony, by contrast, was a big production. They sang 4 songs as a grade and each class got to go up on stage to receive their awards. Many of us were tearing up seeing our babies finish up elementary and prepare to go to middle school next year. I was tearing up not only watching Evie but also all the big kids I remembered from preschool or from 1st grade when I was a reading mom. 

These were my favorites this week! A lot of really heartfelt moments. It was a crazy, emotional, fun, and memorable week.

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