Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up again to talk about a few of my favorite things this week! You can link up too right here.


This morning Evie told me this was her last Friday to go to elementary school EVER!! (tears, hysterical crying- me, not her) WHAT?!?!? Who is this big girl?


Is it just me or does Target have the best coffee?? I love everything I have tried from there. I always get light roast and flavored. I know, for most of you this isn't even REAL coffee. But, it's what I like and it makes me really happy. This Chai Spice flavor is my current favorite. Please let me know if I'm missing out on some other store's brand or flavor (in the flavored light roast category)!


Yesterday my mom and sister came to my side of town so Kacie, who is staying with them while she recuperates, could switch out some clothes and pick up some supplies. She also tried to visit with her two kitties but they were giving her the cold shoulder to punish her for being away. (and THIS is why I am a dog person!!). We ended up going to Cheesecake Factory. I used to be a die hard lettuce wrap girl but this time I got the lunch portion Portofino Pizza. DELISH! New favorite!! I took a picture of my leftovers which I had to fight Eric for. I always let him take my leftovers but not today, no sir! Have you had this? What else am I missing on their menu? 


Evie has been becoming more busy all of a sudden. That leaves little guy at home with Eric or I a lot. Left on his own, he would play Minecraft or watch someone ELSE play a game on YouTube. (What is the deal with THAT??) So, I try to make him take breaks and he usually chooses the trampoline. Yesterday he asked me to take some pics and videos. Here is one of the videos (there were MANY!! I will spare you from the rest hahahahaha). The trampoline is one of our favorite purchases!

Have a great Friday!!

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