Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Good Morning! On Mondays I like to wrap up the weekend. Sometimes they are crazy and event filled. Sometimes we are mostly just hanging out. 

Friday afternoon began with picking up Everett from his last day of camp. He LOVED camp this year because two of his great friends were in his group. He couldn't wait to see them each day and he would like to have playdates (Eric says I need to stop calling them playdates!) with them everyday starting right NOW! Lucky for me, I adore their mother, Laura, and have no problem with this request.

After we got home it took about 15 minutes for Everett to ask to make his cookies. He has been making these cookies pretty much his whole life and can sift, mix, crack eggs & is learning to scoop dry ingredients accurately!

But, his favorite part is using the food coloring!

I had gotten my hair cut and styled during the morning while he was still at camp. I like to make sure and document when it's straight because it doesn't happen that often!!

Then I got all dolled up to go eat dinner with Eric! 

We have been married 18 years and our tradition is go for a steak dinner on our anniversary. There were a few anniversaries where this was a BIG expense in our budget and we like to remember that it doesn't really take much to appreciate each other.

Our anniversary was actually in April but on that date night Eric was getting over a cold so we delayed our steak dinner till this month (we skipped May because May is CRAZY!!).

The next morning the kids were still with Granny, so while Eric did some projects and caught up on sleep, I began a little research on how to recreate a prescription face cream I had been using.

During this time, Shasta was busy chasing lizards in the backyard.

While I was out grocery shopping I stopped in for my free drink at Starbucks. They sent me a coupon for registering my gift card (Yea for teacher gifts!!). This was a s'mores frappachino. I shared half with Eric (because half was enough, super good but super sweet). 

Once the kids were home, Everett asked to play cafe. He loves to take orders, deliver the food, and ask you if you would like anything else. 

Seeing what's on the menu today...

Serving up dessert brownies...

In the 'kitchen' where he was busy making cupcakes

Nobody wanted to swim this evening, so we had movie night.

We watched Nausicaa. We have seen many of Hayao Miyazaki's movies and really enjoy them.

Sunday, after church and naps we headed to the pool. Aunt Kacie got Everett a new float and it was a BIG hit!!

Eric is always in the pool with the kids. Always.

I am sometimes/mostly in the pool.

Everyone wanted pictures eating the bite out of the float! They thought this was hilarious!

Goofing around in the pool. Yes, I wear my hat right in. 

 This is the man I love!!

After I was waterlogged from like an hour or so in the pool, the kids weren't ready to leave so I pulled my book out.

 We had a very peaceful weekend. I hope you did too!

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