Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Richeson Kitcheson

One thing I really like to do is try new recipes. This is a bit harder to do during the school year since a recipe fail might mean no dinner! But, during the summer I have a bit more time and flexibility. I'm laughing though because this edition seems to be all desserts! Here's what's been cooking over at The Richeson Kitche-son.

First up, I have always wanted to make a pizza sized cookie. I just didn't have any confidence it would cook in the middle and not burn on the edges. I don't know why. It was an unshakable belief on my part. 

I recently started stalking a blog called Chef in Training and I saw her recipe for a monster cookie and suddenly-- I believed it could work!

It cooked perfectly!

It was delicious and was gone in 24 hours. (She did all these topping layers. I can't even imagine 1) the work and 2) it being any sweeter. I don't think I could stomach that much sugar!)

I told you about our banana split last week. Not really a new recipe but honestly, I hadn't made one since my TCBY days.

I love Lara bars as a snack. You can't beat Protein and a natural sugar. I have made them at home before but I came across another recipe and wanted to try these flavors. These are called Coconut Cuties and they were delicious!

I will tell you that I did the math and it's not really that much of a savings to make them at home. However, one advantage I found is that if I open a Larabar package, obviously, I eat the whole thing. Whereas, I actually cut myself a smaller amount at home (I weighed them) and was satisfied with it. So, you might get more snacks out of a homemade batch. 

Then I had seen Detoxinista's recipe for Creamy Almond Freezer Fudge

Mine came out looking a whole lot less cool than hers. Hers had all this texture to the fudge. I guess it was her almond butter. 

Of course, I felt it would be better with some chocolate drizzled on top so I melted about 1/8 cup of these chips. 

 Eric really likes it! 

 It's good. But, I was hoping this would pull me over to the almond butter side. It didn't. I still just really love my peanut butter better. Oh well, I tried.

I talked about our new pizza pan here and how even though it wasn't a new recipe, it upgraded our pizza crust. As did the fresh oregano and basil I bought for the occasion. These two are now planted just outside the kitchen door for easy access.

Have you seen the two ingredient pancake recipe like EVERYWHERE? I was out of my trusty breakfast bars this morning so I decided to give it a try!

I did a half batch since I only had 1/2 of a very ripe banana.

I had fresh eggs thanks to my friend Laura's chickens!

I read that it was a good idea to add 1/2 teaspoon baking powder per banana, so I added 1/4 teaspoon to mine. 

Has this happened to you? I couldn't find my pure cinnamon anywhere!!! So, I grabbed this even though it bummed me out to add sugar.

This spray grapeseed oil is one of my favorites! Grapeseed oil is excellent for high temperature cooking if you want to leave traditional vegetable oils behind and don't like the taste of coconut oil (which I don't) on alot of my foods. I get this at HEB.

So, in hindsight I should have made several smaller pancakes. I had no idea this amount would make a GIANT pancake. 

THEN, i found the cinnamon. Yep, I had already gotten it out and put it on the counter. Clearly, I needed some breakfast! (I love cinnamon so when I found it, I added some more!)

 I lost confidence (ok, and patience) in the giant pancake and ended up breaking it up. 

When they were clearly as cooked as they were gonna get, I wasn't super happy with the level of moisture still in them. So, I popped them in the toaster oven. 

That helped a bit and if they'd gone longer I'm sure they would have crisped up more. But, I was getting really hungry and they smelled really good! 

OH MY GOSH! These are so yummy! They tasted like banana bread! I am so making these again. Like, maybe tomorrow! YUM YUM YUM!

That's what's been coming out of our pantry. How about you? Do you love to bake or try new recipes? If you have a favorite recipe please send it my way.

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