Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Yard

 Hello...It's Show & Tell Tuesday! Linking up today with Momfessionals. This week's topic is Our Yard/Outdoor Spaces.

Back when we moved into our house in 2003 there wasn't even grass in the backyard. There WAS a tiny patio that Eric eventually removed leaving just the cement step out of the house. We added flagstone and created flowerbeds.

We planted two of these trees. They are called Chinese Parasol Trees. Can you see it?!?! It looks like a flower stem sticking up. Not even as tall as the hose valve.

We also planted a southern wax myrtle. That's him on the right.

A year later, here is our little tree.

Fast Forward 12 years! Ready???

Those are my tiny trees all grown up! The one closest to the house is the one from the pictures above.

There are some pool noodle swords laying all over the patio (I didn't clean up first hehehehe).

 Here is that tiny Southern Wax Myrtle on the right and a Vitex on the left with the purple flower cones.

We have added a small storage shed and a raised garden. 

This is another project I need to get to. Last year everything in my garden just died. Even the plants that usually winter over to the next year! So, it's completely empty except for some sunflowers. I don't really like any of the summer veggies (that actually do well here) so my poor garden is just dormant for now. I do need to start getting it back in shape, though, so I will be ready to plant my fall peas, carrots & lettuces.

My favorite plant is my Rangoon Creeper. Eric built a beautiful trellis for me a few years ago to hold it up. It completely dies back most years practically to the root. But, it ALWAYS comes back to this!

Each flower bundle starts white and slowly changes to dark pink/red. And it smells wonderful. It reminds me of my grandfather's tobacco!

Our side yard is almost the same depth as our back yard! The only thing over there is the trampoline.

That's a look at my yard! This post makes we want to get out there and clean things up more and get things trimmed. BUT, this is Houston, so that won't happen for several months. Too yucky out!

What tips do you have for my yard/garden? I'd love to hear them.

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  1. That rangoon creeper is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much for linking up! :)