Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

 It's Friday Favorites day! Here are some of my favorite things this week, and I'm linking up to see everyone else's right here.

SUMMER CAMPS: My kids were at camp this week! This is the a picture of us on the way to both camps on Monday morning. They were SO excited! This is one of only two weeks of the summer that they are both at camp so I also enjoyed a lot of free time. They have both LOVED their camps this week.

LIVING PROOF STYLING CREAM: Last haircut, I asked my hairdresser about curl defining products. I had been using mousse but it was leaving my hair too crispy. I had also tried several finishing products for frizz control and although they worked brilliantly for Evie's hair, they were killing my curls- really flattening and weighing them down. She suggested I look for one of the new curl defining creams. I went to Sephora and found this one. LOVE it! Gives me defined, non-crisp curls whether I air dry or diffuser dry. A new favorite! I buy mine at Sephora because of their great return policy.

YOGA CLASS: One of my sweet friends invited me to be her guest at a yoga class last night. It is a weekly class as part of her crossfit regimen. It was a great practice and I felt very invigorated afterward. It isn't just the poses and the breathing (which alone have amazing benefits!). It's also just the energy of doing it in a group setting. Yoga with a friend = fun squared! If you are looking for a crossfit, my friend Misty owns Crossfit ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron) and would be happy to have you come by and look at either joining or doing a drop in class like the yoga I did. 

SUMMER READING: We just never get tired of reading and with summer reading programs you get prizes too! Reading for the WIN! I love that my kids will read books not only at their own reading level but also still enjoy many of the books I bring home for research for my little 4 year old MDO class.

Our favorite little (and not so little) kid find so far is this one: FOUND by Salina Yoon.

Waiting for Evie to finish up camp. Where do we wait.....the library, of course!

ADDRESS STAMP: Do you have an address stamp? 

I love mine. I got mine several years ago but I can't remember where. This is the brand: 

It came with standard black ink although I chose the design of the center initial and the address circling the initial. I have been SO happy with it that I completely forgot how interchangeable it was. Recently, I stopped into a stationary store and they had in stock other ink pads for my exact stamp. Evie helped me choose this color combo. Now when I stamp my address the 'R' is lime, and the address is turquoise. It's made an old item a favorite again!  

Those are my favorite things this week. How 'bout you? What has made your life a little easier this week or brought you a bit of peace?

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