Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY! So, it's time for Friday Favorites. I'm linking up here.

Let's Get started!

Due to this week's schedule I had long days with Everett while Evie was at camp. We did lots of fun stuff but one special thing we did was make our first banana split. Everett got a wild hair about this a few weeks ago.

Do you ever do that thing where your kid suggests something and you kind of blow it off and wait for them to mention it again. And, then you blow it off again and wait for them to mention it again. Thinking it was just a whim?? That's what happened here. He's been asking off and on for a week or two but, honestly, i thought --He's not gonna eat it! And then I'll have to throw it out (bad) or eat it myself (very bad!). But, he mentioned it AGAIN so I gave in.

We gathered our ingredients. (He initially wanted to use mint chocolate chip but I vetoed that.

He was super proud of his work (all I did was give instructions and scoop the ice cream)

He LIKED it!

Evenings were spent with Evie while Eric & Everett went to VBS. Evie tried going night one, but it was just too long a day for her. So, we relaxed at home and then watched the rally streaming online before she got ready for bed. It worked out perfect.

We walked the pup.

We shopped for dance shoes she needed for the musical.

And, since they were having BOGO sale, she picked out a pair of sneakers too.

She said, "Mom, these match your new address stamp colors" (which she had also picked out. No coincidence here!)

It has been really nice to spend time with each kid individually. Every time I do, I think 'I should do that more'! But, life happens. So, it was really a lovely schedule this week.

Another favorite this week- hanging out with Kacie! She is still off work a few more weeks due to her broken wrists so we have gotten to have her along on some of our outings and been able to see each other almost everyday!

At the summer movies.

At the pool.

Someone was VERY sad with all the rain that he didn't get to swim earlier in the week. He even insisted we walk over just to SEE if the pool was open on wasn't. He was feeling down all day after that.

But, finally, yesterday we went over to Aunt Kacie's apartment and used her pool. He was very happy.

Bathing beauty!

The birds are BACK! They rebuilt the nest and are hanging around again. I guess we provided superior service and an ideal location. Nice to know we get the seal of approval from these birds!

 Is anyone else playing Crossy Road?? We are all playing here (except Eric) and love comparing our high score and new characters. It's a simple 'Fogger' style game.

Those have been our favorites this week. Link up yourself or just read other people's favorites here

Have a great weekend! Happy Father's Day!

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