Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Good morning! It's Friday! Time to link up with Momfessionals

1. Hanging out HERE!!!

We are really starting to take advantage of the pool at Aunt Kacie's apartment!

Monday night my parents brought Kacie home after her last follow-up with her surgeon (no more cast!!) and we ordered pizza and ate it poolside. It was a lovely evening.

My kids are super picky about food and, in particular, pizza. This was from Angelo's on Bay Area Blvd. and they raved about it! 

Our new favorite float! We are clearly into the food floats this year. We liked the donut so much, we went back for the pretzel!

2. Pet Sitting. Evie started pet sitting last year and she has a certain favorite client- it's Mo the cat! Evie had an early call time for rehearsal this week so Everett (and I) filled in. Everett LOVES cats. He has loved them since he was tiny and although our extended family owns 3 cats, NONE of them are friendly (to him). Mo, however, is the friendliest cat EVER!! Everett was so tickled spending time with Mo.

3. Speaking of early call times. Evie has been a busy girl. The performance is THIS weekend!! 

Evie is playing flounder as a puppet. She is hiding behind Sebastian in this picture so just her puppet is showing.

She has been squeezing in reading her favorite series (Dork Diaries) and building legos during any bits of free time she has!

Here she was yesterday after their first full performance. It was the one for daycare kids. When her  dad (he's working tech for the show) dropped her off,  she still had her stage makeup on but she was SO ready to swim and kick back at the pool. 

4. More Aunt Kacie time! We took Kacie with us to Target-Pizza day this week. This is another one of those preschool traditions that creeps it's way back into our lives when school is out. 

We have also spent several hours in this building. It's where Kacie is having her physical therapy. She has her cast off but still can't drive. Fortunately, it has a very cool elevator and lobby for exploring.

5. The two ingredient pancakes!! I made them again and this time Eric was home and he liked them too! SO yummy, so delicious. 

6. Everett and mommy time. We went to our Summer Movie again this week. Doesn't matter that we have seen it a dozen times. It's just fun to get our popcorn and snuggle up in the dark theater with my little guy. (Been wearing my glasses a bunch this week. The allergies are SO bad right now that even with medication on board, my eyes are just rejecting the contacts).

You never know what you will find at the library!

7. Family Game Night. Last night was the only evening in a 8 day stretch that we were all home together. It was Everett's idea to get out a game and we had a nice time. 

Daddy won, Everett lost. He's just goofing around, he's not really sad. (Well, he IS sad, but only because he had to stop playing and go get in the shower! hahahaha).

Those are some favorites from this week. How about you? Any favorite moments?

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