Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello Summer!

We started off summer with breakfast out. We had to drive through Chick-Fil-A for Evie before ending up at McDonalds for Everett's pancakes. 

Next stop was the library. It's time for summer reading!!

We were so lucky that our friends could join us at the Rec Center for some indoor swimming (Can you say no worries about sunscreen!!)

My kids LOVE the high dive. They do it over, and over, and over. Many, many videos were made of their jumps into the water. Which we then had to immediately review- how did we ever make it as kids without instant replay??

After dinner we met up with granny for dessert and games. (Granny is a generous ice cream scooper!) 

Everett had on his game face. He takes Monopoly VERY seriously!

Eric is always the banker. He is also very serious. :D

I ended up with a rainbow of properties. I just thought that was cool. :D

On Saturday Granny had an errand downtown so we all loaded up to go to Romano's pizza because it's so delicious! The lighting in here was incredible so we took some photos.

We all had to read this sign out loud and then we would all laugh :D

Evie opened her garlic knot and created a boat for her Parmesan. Love her!

Then our delicious pizza arrived. SOOOO hard to wait for it to cool off enough to eat.

After our errand, we decided to try one of BigKidSmallCity's Half Day Adventures. We started at City Hall. Gorgeous buildings downtown always. 

Granny & I had the same outfit idea!

There was supposed to be a visitor center inside but we found this instead :(

So, that's all the way on the other side of downtown now. Just FYI. We wandered around a bit until our next stop.

Um, this place is INCREDIBLE! And, we had the entire building to ourselves. 

This room (sorry, terrible pics) had really beautiful light in it, which makes Eric very happy.

There were some really funny awkward spaces from building on over time like this window...

and this odd extra railing leading to nowhere.

THIS was our favorite room. It really felt right out of a movie set. So peaceful and relaxing. Again, we were the ONLY ones here. The security guard did say, however, that there is a wedding or other event here almost every weekend. I believe it. What a beautiful space.

We couldn't enter this room but the info told us that it has much of the original 1926 shelves and children's books in it.

Next stop, the current downtown library right next door.

Granny and Everett liked this crazy guy.

Then, we found the books. And, the kids were lost to us.  

They barely let us have the books to check them out. And they read themselves all the way to the van and all the way home. Have I mentioned we like libraries??

There were some other stops on the official half-day tour but we felt done and our parking time was up so we headed home. What a great adventure. And, I definitely know where to go when i want to go where the peace is!

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