Thursday, July 2, 2015

What's Working (July)

Hello July!

I don't know why, but out of June, July, and August, July actually feels like it is the most summer-y to me. Maybe because it's the only month that is entirely summer. June is trying to finish up school and August is trying to be back-to-school. Here's to July!
Since last month, I honestly feel like I haven't accomplished that much! Remember, part of my mission statement was to avoid this:

The things I wanted to do to avoid this were:

tips to get organized, cleaning tips, craft rooms, crafts, organizing, storage ideas

This has not really been happening. I have kind of fallen back into my school-year habit of doing nothing and then cleaning everything on Saturday while the kids clean their rooms. I'm not really sure one is better than the other. I do think I'd still be happier if I tried it this way more consistently. 

One thing I thought of but have not implemented is possibly listening to a pod cast during chore time. I tend to get distracted. A show is too visual and despite my intentions, I end up just sitting there watching the whole thing. Music also doesn't work because I want to exercise or sing. So, I need to try the podcast thing.

My June goals were to: 

1. clear off the DVR and get ready to record summer shows.

This has worked out really well. I have been watching TV on my phone while the kids are doing their computer time each day. I have allowed myself 1 hour of TV time and I did great up until the last 3-4 shows of my series. Then, I did let myself watch up to 2 a day. Because I just HAD to know what happened!! 

LOVE this show!!

I also have not added any new shows to the DVR after all. I did try out the new 'Astronaut Wives' show but I didn't love it enough to give it a spot. 

2. Read the Bible all the way through. 

I am LOVING this!! I haven't read every single day but I have always been able to catch up if I got a little behind. I am still using this app called Bible 1 year. It's truly turned out to be a perfect size portion each day. I am in Psalms right now and just after I started, our Sunday School class began a series on Psalms! It's a God thing, y'all!

3. Rehab the Ankle.

I was extremely diligent for about 3 weeks and what happened is, I just eventually forgot to wrap it! It started feeling so much better I wouldn't even realize until half way through the day that I was not wrapped. From there, I began challenging it more with jumping and balancing. 

But, recently, I have gotten lazy again and have just been walking the dog. When you combine that with eating half gallons of ice cream (mint chocolate chip is a trigger food- i am powerless!!) I need to revisit this goal!

4.  Keep Reading!

Last week I reviewed all the books I had read in June here and I'm looking forward to some free time for reading in the next few weeks! (Hello- both kids at camp!)

5. No Phone from 4-8pm

This is brilliant. At first I was kind of trying to not use it at all but then I modified it to just be no social media. Those are the things I get lost in. Also, if my kids were at someone else's house or I had their kids with me, it really wasn't going to make sense for me to be out of contact with those parents. If we are all home, I usually just charge my phone in the bedroom and that takes it out of sight. I will definitely keep this goal!

Right now, my July goals are all still the same. I want to keep the changes I have already made and continue to improve the areas I am still slacking on (cleaning and food/exercise).

What are your summer goals? Only 6-8 weeks of summer left!

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