Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Before I get to my goals, I thought I'd fill you in on some of what's been happening. Saturday started off like it was going to be a great summer. The kids were excited to get to the neighborhood pool when it opened at 10am.

This does lead right into one of my main goals for the summer which is READING!! 

I had gotten in the pool but it was pretty chilly so I got out to read a little while they were still having a grand time. 

Then, I got the call. This had happened- 

My sister's boyfriend called to say she had flipped over the handlebars of her new bike while riding down a hill (ok, incline. We don't really have hills in Houston). She broke BOTH her wrists. One warranted surgery, the other just needs a splint for 6 weeks. This is her in the ER. One of their friends came by and delivered this little gift. It's a person upside down with a bike. She can laugh about it because she has morphine on board! So, I spent the night with her and stayed with her until after the surgery. Then I was on cat duty and swung by her apartment while her boyfriend took her out to my parent's house to recuperate. On the bright side, I did get to watch alot of HGTV! Hahahaha. 

So, ANYWAY, onto the goals. 

ONE: clear off the DVR and get ready to record summer shows. By this I mean to really assess what I'm recording. Is it just me or does having the stuff  recorded and not watched weigh on you? 
Sadly, I think I am about over Scandal. I finished up the current season today. *Spoilers if you are not caught up at least to last season*

I'm only watching it now for Jake (who I still consider to be Noel from Felicity!!). Since I'm Team Jake, you will understand that I think it should have ended LAST season when they rode off into the sunset together. If it wasn't for Jake and Mellie I would give up completely. 

TWO: Read the Bible all the way through. I think I've read most of it but what I've never done is formally record what I've read. I looked at several plans but since I HATE the little red badges on my iPhone, I thought an app was the way to go. So, I downloaded this one. It was free. 

THREE: Rehab the Ankle. 

I have sprained it several times since I stopped teaching yoga and I now have the research to back up that yoga is precisely why I wasn't spraining it. Unfortunately, DOING yoga is irritating it so I'm wrapping and pushing through with the yoga therapy (which is what the current recommendation is to do). I can do 20 minutes now which leaves it sore and a bit unstable. So right now, it stays wrapped 75% of the day everyday. My favorite yoga is Yoga Today. They have ALL levels: new to yoga, beginner, pre-natal on up to Guru. My favorite instructor is Neesha but they are all really great. It's not free but it's cheaper per month than any gym membership or especially any yoga studio class. I always come back to Yoga Today.  

FOUR: Keep Reading! 

I love love love Goodreads because if someone recommends a book I add it to my list. If I see one of my goodreads friends is reading something they loved I add it to my list. If I'm at the bookstore and find a book i want I scan it in and add it to my list. If someone says 'have you read anything good recently' I look it up on my list and say 'why yes i HAVE! Try....'. You should check out Goodreads! 

That's all for now. I have a few other things on my mind but we will see if I can even get all my teaching stuff put away so I can work on those. These are the must do list. These are the things that keep me sane and happy and THAT is where the peace is. 


  1. You should look at the Bible in 90 Days plan. (Search Bible in 90 days on google), also there's a reading plan on YouVersion, which is free, that lays it out for your each day. I'm actually on my 4th time reading through the Bible this way, and while it's a LOT each day (Takes me about 30 minutes, but I'm a reader), it's so cool to read the whole Bible as a narrative, and when you get to the New Testament, there are SO many references to things you just read in the Old. It's a great way to get the whole picture.

  2. Thanks Laura. I'll check those out!