Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Roundup

It has been so nice to have Eric home for some fun and relaxing during the July 4th weekend! 

Friday morning and Daddy's home and it's time for another Library Reading Coupon. Children's Museum! These are from when we visited the Bracewell branch.

This is where we always go first now...they call them the mushrooms.

Then we go down, down, down to the obstacle courses.

 Followed by, Eric's favorite room. The building/physics room. That's not it's name. I don't know it's name. That is what we call it. It has...

Rocket building...

Lego building...

 and Parachute building.

After this we split up for awhile. Everett stayed outdoors at the water play area for almost an hour with Eric. Evie and I went to the Klutz area (I think this is a visiting exhibit) and had a ton of fun making rings from $1 bills, pulling the tablecloth out from under a set table, and looking in funny mirrors. I wish my legs were this long!

Then we found out they had put back our FAVORITE exhibit....the little Mexican town! Thanks Amy! We just love this area. I have no idea why, but I think it's because it's usually not very busy, it has a Disneyland atmosphere, and it just has several fun things to explore (cute VW bus!).

Evie's favorite is the tiny El Restaurante. 

We were a bit sad because Evie keeps using the word 'lame' a lot lately and she said she wasn't that interested in things at the Children's Museum anymore. When noticed if we left her alone, though, we noticed she still got involved in some activities. Maybe not ALL grown up yet. 

Eric and I are getting tired!

When we left, Evie put our stickers on as earrings before finding a spot to stick them. We usually stick them on a local business' sign, a telephone pole, a stop sign's totally an understood tradition which you will see if you walk around in the block surrounding the museum. This may be the closest Evie has come to breaking a law!

Dinner Friday night was Kelley's with Granny. I received a super giant carrot with my dinner!

Saturday morning Eric walked the dog for me, because he loves me!

 And we have a new baby bird in the nest!!!


Is this not the best thing a girl could find in the kitchen?!?!

We made some cookies together for the swim party we were attendeding for July 4th. They were super cute after Eric frosted them all red, white, and blue but I forgot to snap a picture.

We had such a fun time at the Garrett's house for July 4th! Swimming, visiting, eating, and fireworks. All the fun stuff!

Everett swam the WHOLE time.

Evie took a break for some big girl stuff. 

Trying not to get splashed or sprayed. (Unsuccessful on both counts!)

The kids lined up and jumped...

so the dads had to jump also!

Ready for fireworks!....well, most of us. A few are not fond of the loud noise.

Sunday morning we were busy making cookies.

 These were supposed to be for Father's day but, with so much going on recently, this is the first chance we have had to make them.

We have a trip coming up. So, Sunday afternoon we began packing up the essentials.

Otherwise, just a lazy Sunday over here. 

I hope you had a great weekend. 

Remember, if you are local, there is still time to get your library reading coupons. (FYI- We recommend doing Friendswood & City of Houston. We have done and do not recommend Harris County & Brazoria County.)

These coupons make great outings and they really help us keep the peace around here. When we need to break up the bickering and begging, we can look through our coupons and find something to do!

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