Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Well It's taken me until late in the evening, but I'm finally getting my Friday Favorites up on the blog! As always, I'm linking up here.

Here are some of our favorite moments from this week.


 I LOVE bread. I could just eat bread. On a desert island I would need bread and peanut butter and I would be good. When we were at the store, Everett asked for one item- this loaf of bread. From his excitement, you would think I bought him candy. This is MY child!

Lately, taking-a-picture-of-me-taking-a-bite of something that has become everyone's favorite 'action shot'. I hope this is a phase.

This was him actually taking a bite (as opposed to posing) while I was unloading the groceries. I had to eventually cut him off or he would have eaten half the loaf. 

Everett's faces.

Everett can cock one eyebrow. It cracks me up every time. Especially, that he knows when to pull out this gesture is amazing to me. He has been able to do this since he was very small. He inherited this from Eric, not me.

Unfortunately, Evie did not inherit this ability. She takes after me. 

We were goofing around while waiting for the doctor at our well checks this week. (I hadn't taken either kid in a year and a half. Oops! Fortunately, everyone got a clean bill of health.)

Skate Night! 

We tried a new rink. (I should say new to me and the kids because Eric actually skated here as a kid.) Funcity Sk8 has $1 skate night on Tuesdays so I had added it to our summer list. It was $1 admission, $1 pizza slices, and $1 sodas. (Skate rental is an extra $3.50 and people not skating still have to pay the admission, just FYI.)

The kids always bring their own skates because they have roller-blades. (I used to have roller-blades until Evie stole them!)

Everett has really improved in the last year. It happened once we got him to start skating out front in roller-blades like Evie. He always had fun before, but now he loves to skate. 

Evie is always cruising, singing, and trying new tricks. 

She even won at the red light-green light game!

Waiting for dad to bring pizza.

Pizza time!

Eric wasn't up for skating (which is rare) so I decided to sit out too and we enjoyed a mini date night. 

We asked the kids what they thought afterward and they said they still prefer Pearwood. The biggest issue for them was the music. I think it was too much like a club for them (kind of constant, loud, and dance-y stuff). They prefer that Pearwood plays the music at a bit lower level and that it is more like what they listen to on the radio/at school in PE class. 

Our last few days with Kacie! 

What are we gonna do now that Aunt Kacie has to go back to work? She has literally been off all summer and we have gotten used to having her join us for all our summer fun days.

Because of Kacie, the kids have a new favorite restaurant, Angelo's. We have ordered from here twice in the last two weeks. On Wednesday, when we had some time to kill between the summer movie at Cinemark and Kacie's PT appointment, they picked it again! We decided to actually stop in to the restaurant for lunch this time and try that out.

Our review: The service was great, the bread they brought to the table was yummy, and we still highly recommend the pizza and salad. The soup and panini, unfortunately, were not great. 

Fireworks before July 4th.

 Wednesday night our church celebrated early with food trucks, jumpers, a concert, baptisms, and fireworks.

This is after the kids had jumped in the jumpers and gotten wet from everyone trekking rainwater into them. 

The Casian seasoned edamame I ate was a definite new favorite. Delish! (Sorry, don't know why it decides to 'fix' some of my pictures, making them sideways.) 

Waiting for fireworks. It was actually a pretty lovely night for Houston!


Library Reading Reward Coupons are my FAVORITE!!!! 

We used TWO in one day! The first one was for Palm Beach at Moody Gardens.

We took Kacie along (and I apparently have no photo evidence of this!) and met up with Laura and her boys. 

One of the things we talked about was how long we have been friends. We figure almost 13 years now, since it was not long after Eric & I moved back to Houston, before either of us had kids. Such a great friend!

Aside from little Micah, Evie was the first to cave and take a food break.

Slowly, the big boys all trickled in.

Everett had his first funnel cake and liked it because, well, it's fried bread!

See what I mean about the taking-a-picture-of-me-taking-a-bite thing. Maybe it's boys?!?! 

The second coupon of the day was for free small TCBY ice creams for the kids. YUM!

Three Day Weekend!


So happy Eric is getting some extra time off. He is still recovering from VBS back to back with Evie's play. He deserves a break!

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