Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Home Tour

It's another link up. This week is the home tour. You may want to head on over and get a look inside lots of peoples homes today. I know I will be doing just that!

Welcome! You know that song 'Little Houses'

I have always loved that song and I love our little house.

One of my favorite things is my front door. It was one of the first upgrades we made to the house. The entry used to be so dark with a very tiny window in the builder door. 

Shasta is here to welcome you! 

Eric built me this coat rack.

And here is where the kids hang their backpacks and I put all the papers I'm scrambling for on school mornings. Appointment reminders, party invitations, and currently some summer info.

The first turn is to the kids hall.

Everett's room.

Evie's room (in perfect Rater fashion, she has already made changes since I took this picture last week!)

You saw the kids/guest bathroom here. It's really almost too small for me to get any other shot in there!

The laundry room/garage entry point. You can see I just can't find the time/inclination to paint this room. Though I have tried many colors out in here.

Eric built me the shelves and hung some hanging racks for me which is VERY helpful. Still, this room has never truly had any kind of makeover. It's just too much of a catch-all.

And here is where I hang/drop my stuff when I come home.

Living room.

My workstation/desk area.


Movie/TV couch awesomeness. We love our giant couch!

Shasta stole one of my ottomans for her backyard viewing pleasure. This is where you will find her most days. You can see the backyard here.


Our family table. Lots of 'best part of/worst part of the day' goes on here. This is where we display the kid's art, great schoolwork papers or projects.

When we replaced the floors we took it right through the kitchen. LOVE!

Pantry and hall closet. Standing at the back door, looking right through to the front door.

All the daily info and kid pics. :D

Our home builder called this the 'owner's retreat'. Well it has certainly been the 'mommy's retreat' often enough!

Eric made the headboard for me. He loves me a lot!

My wall of happiness! Visible every time I get into bed.

My reading/relaxing/watching TV chair. (I watch a lot on my phone)

View from the chair.

Master Bath.

I love my bathtub. Final relaxation before bed.

We took down the huge builder mirror and replaced it with two framed mirrors. Those brown beads are from our trip to Hawaii before kids and the small picture is of our engagement. 

I've tried to fill my house with happy memories and practical solutions to some small spaces. When things are picked up and cleaned up, I am super happy that we chose the house that was right for our family and our budget. We look forward to paying this baby off by the time Evie is driving. Things could change, certainly, but that's the plan for now. 

I hope you are just as happy in your home whether it is big or little!


  1. Love it! Your family room is great! I love that couch and the floors too.

  2. I love the display of the kids' artwork in the eating area. I also LOVE the clock in the kitchen as well as the sign on your freezer about choosing the product before opening the door! Love!

  3. Very cute. I love what you have done over the years.