Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Round Top Round Up

Welcome to another weekend roundup. This is a Round Top Round Up! Hehehehe.

Last week was the second of only two weeks this summer that both kids were at camp. I totally relaxed and didn't even blog. I will post pics of some of last week's events this week. But, mostly, I just took my time at the grocery store (don't you love that?), watched some TV, caught up with friends, and cleaned my house (a 'show us your home' post is coming tomorrow).

Friday started out like any other day with walking the dog. The two new teen birds are slowly killing my hanging porch plant. Time to learn to fly birdies!

Shasta and I were just walking along when we found this HUGE moth (??). Shasta tried to play with it but it didn't want to play. What IS this thing?

Speaking of what is this....anyone know what this plant/flower is? I love it! I'd like to get some but I have no idea what It is. HELP!

Shasta thinks sprinkler systems are doggie waterfountains.

After the last day of camp we had to stop by Rise Cupcakes to get one for my mom's birthday. It suddenly POURED down rain so we bought Everett a cookie and tried to wait out the rain. Evie accepted a 'cookie credit' since she didn't like anything in the store! She doesn't like frosted cookies or cupcakes. I swear Eric doesn't know what to do with his strange picky family. 

Saturday morning Kacie showed up bright and early. We were off to Katy to meet up with mom and dad for a Round Top trip to celebrate mom's birtday! Eric got to stay home with the kids and repair Kacie's car. (His choice!).

On our way to Round Top we stopped in Industry for a bathroom break and checked out a squirrel bungee cord feeder. We didn't buy it, but we were tempted!

By the time we arrived in Round Top we were hungry so we headed over to the Oaks Restaurant. Mom had researched it and it was really good! We recommend it!

Dad ordered the onion rings which were yummy! I stole some.

I had the burger- same as dad, but I got the sweet potato fries. Mom enjoyed one of her favorites- fried shrimp.

Next stop- Junk Gypsies. This store reminded Kacie and I of Anthropologie both in selection and prices. But, we found the clearance bin and I picked up 3 items for around $25.  

We shopped here a bit longer than mom & dad were up for, so they waited on the porch.

After that we headed to an indoor antiques mall that was air conditioned. It was perfect and Mom and Kacie both made purchases.

Next, we headed to Round Top's main square. By now it was SOOOOO hot! We popped into a few shops and then headed to the Pie Haven.

We tried Key Lime Chess & Chocolate Chip Cookie. They were good. I took home one slice each Blueberry Lemon & Texas Trash and I have to tell you Blueberry Lemon was by FAR the winner. We recommend you grab a slice for yourself.

Sunday afternoon Evie (once again) bemoaned the fact that she wanted a loft bed instead of a bunk bed. Well, this time she started threatening to use her birthday money to buy one. At this point Eric seriously started looking into converting her bunk bed AND it turned out to be easier than we thought. Eric even had the wood required in the garage (pack rat payoff!!!). They got right to work. 

Evie was eager to help.

But she IS still a girl :)

During this time, Everett and his friend Logan were busy playing Minecraft, outside, and Wii. Stopping only for a goldfish cracker break. 

I was busy with these girl...Karina & Katrina from Tone It Up. They are seriously in shape (and young!) but I have been trying to be more consistent and is it just me or does figuring out WHAT you are gonna do take up too much time?? Anyway, every Sunday they put out a workout schedule and it's a no brain-er to follow it. They do sometimes suggest workouts from their DVD's (which I don't own) but you can just You Tube a similar workout -they have hundreds on You Tube. 


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