Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday Favorites. Today's post is a whole random list of good things.
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We went to the river. I had not done this since I was a kid and it was a very relaxing vacation. I'll do a separate blog post next week about our fun trip.

All my loves!
Post vacation sleep in. Everyone slept in past 8 am this morning (that's pretty late for us!).

And even after that, there was additional snuggling after breakfast. 

We were especially happy to get Shasta back. She took her own vacation at the GG Pup Resort (that is what Evie has named Grandpa George's house) where she played with both my nieces and their dog Jasmine and came home exhausted too.

We also came home to find two baby birds snuggled up together in the nest on the front porch.

Two things Evie and I are loving for hair.

The wet brush. I just am still completely perplexed as to why using this brush (as opposed to any other) really makes Evie's hair look so completely smooth and tangle-free.

This is one of the items that was in my last Walmart Beauty Box. I mention that in my beauty routine post. I was surprised at how much I liked this one considering I have already tried several! Next time I run out, I'm restocking with this one. 

Year round I don't go anywhere with my kids without snacks. In the past I have used Ziploc bags which resulted in crushed bags of snacks at the bottom of my purse. This summer, I started carrying them around in these Glad 1 1/2 cup containers and it's been great. 

Ahhhh, I am loving my Coka-Cola Life. 

I talked about why I've made the switch in my breakfast & beverage post earlier this week. I found this one at Buc-ee's on our road trip this week. 

Random fact. I don't love Buc-ee's (I understand if this means you can no longer look at me hehehe). Recently though, the kids have started asking to go there. I don't really know why. They don't actually buy anything there that is Buc-ee's brand specific. I think they have just heard other people talk about how great it is. 

Magazines are a favorite travel read. It love that Evie will read these two as well! Sometimes she steals the Family Fun right out of the mail and I later discover one I have never gotten to read in her room. (She would steal the HGTV one, too, but I don't have a subscription. I may need to put that one on my Christmas list because we both really like it.)

Our little Hermione Granger.

Recently heard:
Everett watching over Evie's shoulderas she plays Minecraft: "I didn't know you could do THAT!"
Evie: "Yeah. Didn't you read The Essential Handbook?"

Reminds us of this conversation:
Hermione: "Aren't you two ever going to read Hogwarts: A History?"
Ron: "What's the point? You know it all by heart, we can just ask you"

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