Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today's Friday Favorites are from both this week and last week since I took a little blog break last week during the kids' camp. The link up is here

Goofing off and book quotes.

Evie took my just-in-case-they-have-the-air-conditioning-cranked-up scarf out of my purse and then looked at me and said 'Do you like my hat?' in the same voice and intonation that I used to read them the story Go Dogs Go

It not only cracked me up, it made me really happy remembering all the times we read this story. Every year this is still one of my favorites to read to my preschool class.

Swimming. We have had only one request repeated over and over this summer. 'Can we go to the Natatorium??'

Practicing diving...

Jumping off the high dive...

We have all been having contests to see how far we can swim in one breath. It was really fun until daddy swam ALL the way across the pool in one breath. That kind of ended the competition!

These kids can outlast both of us with their love of being in the water. 

Shasta and Ted Bear. I love her, so I let her borrow my Ted Bear sometimes.

GIFTS camp!

This year Evie's focus was Lego Workshop. Each day they had a building challenge.

Everett did Superheroes and Villains.

They each became a super hero. Everett was Pickle Man! He throws exploding pickles.

Evie rearranged her room this week after her dad converted her bunk bed to a loft bed. That child takes after me. I used to rearrange my furniture constantly. (Now I only do it occasionally!)

Here are the 3 girls relaxing in Evie's newly created space. Love hanging out with this girl!

My little Everett.

He switches favorite things faster than you can say 'I love that, too!" (Star Wars, Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies, Cars, Angry Birds, Sonic). But, if you wait long enough, he usually circles back around.

And he LOVES donuts. Fortunately for him, we have a neighbor who drops them off occasionally! Neighbors who deliver donuts are one of our favorites!!


Everett and I stayed quiet as long as we could. These sweet girls are so good and we didn't hear a peep even though they reported staying up until midnight. 

They both had the awesome Wet Brush! I talked about it before here.

Friends and fun at Stomping Grounds.

The girls...

the moms... 

and the boys!

Full car on the ride home. Evie & her friend entertained all of us with a mash-up game of Would You Rather & Funglish. It was very creative of them and a great game to play on the drive. 

Hope you had a fun week too! Summer is winding down. Started school shopping this week. (Evie couldn't be happier! Everett & I are in denial.)

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